Manos MInistries | Website

Here’s a small simple website design for ManosMinistires a small non-profit organization. They may not be around or have changed name, but here is their original website look from 2009. This site was also design with the option to switch to Spanish from English, once the customer would click on the Language button, the column with the logo would switch to the left (as in sample) from the right of the website, this would give the customer the sense that the site had switch to another language. Plus the Button would glow the name of the current Language that is been displayed.

Image above is showing the English version of their mission till they created their Spanish version. ( the English version of the site was done first and later the Spanish was added )

Author: Daniel Cols

My ambition and objective in live is to have a career position as a GRAPHICS DESIGNER / ILLUSTRATOR, where my experiences, education and artistic abilities will Glorify God and be a great asset to the financial growth of my Employer and myself.

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