“Superb Friends”

This image to me is one of my ALL-TIME favorite. It was done a while back on an 11X17 paper ( I thought it to be lost ) but I found it!! scanned it and brought out the colors and a few tweaks.
This is from a story that was written way back in 1988 with my writing partner in crime Angel Casillas.

We wrote this amazing story concerning these four making cameos on our own story that was based on introducing our own superhero characters.
A dream that maybe someday we could see it happen, if not, well at least you can see what we had in mind.  With all the Fan Art going on lately I just may have to revisit this story and maybe flesh it out.

Author: Daniel Cols

My ambition and objective in live is to have a career position as a GRAPHICS DESIGNER / ILLUSTRATOR, where my experiences, education and artistic abilities will Glorify God and be a great asset to the financial growth of my Employer and myself.

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