United for Christ | WPB Pathfinders

I used to be a member of the West Palm Beach, Florida, Spanish SDA Church, so you can guess how happy I was to hear from them when they asked me to help with their Pathfinder logo.  They already had a logo, but it was only a sketch, a concept design style logo.  My job if i choose to accept the mission, was to bring it out from the page into a Print ready logo to be use in just about everything from T-Shirts, Banners, etc.

Below you can see the faxed image and the finished logo below it.

Finished and ready for Print logo.

Author: Daniel Cols

My ambition and objective in live is to have a career position as a GRAPHICS DESIGNER / ILLUSTRATOR, where my experiences, education and artistic abilities will Glorify God and be a great asset to the financial growth of my Employer and myself.

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