Who I Am

Hello, my name is Daniel Cols, I am NICERimage’s best Multi-Media Illustrator.

My ambition and objective in live is to have a career position as GRAPHICS DESIGNER / ILLUSTRATOR, where my experiences, education and artistic abilities will Glorify God and be a great asset to the financial growth of my Employer and myself.

Check me out!, below you can see a summary of my qualifications and Professional experiences;

CARQUEST Inc. Raleigh, NC – 2006 – Present

Imaging Editor / Illustrator / Multimedia Specialist

eCatalog Dept. / Digital Imaging

  • Edit part images and got them ready for print, web and eCatalog.
  • Design PowerPoint presentation slides for tutorials and marketing.
  • Handled graphic conversions to the right format for printing, web, video, marketing and eCatalog.

Corporate Communications Dept.

  • Inserted graphics and photos into all Corporate Newsletters.
  • When needed, scanned and cleaned up photos for the newsletters and NewsCenter.
  • Helped with new designs for the “CARQUEST NewsCenter” news show (a weekly 12 – 15 min corporate news video)
  • Re-Created the Opening and Closing NewsCenter videos in 3D animation, from their previous 2D animation.

Green Care Landscape Company

West Palm Beach, FL – Office Manager / Graphic Designer / Webmaster

  • Design, Built, Maintained and update their website.
  • Planned and help designed all their sales brochures, mail-outs & marketing materials.
  • Design & draw maps for landscaping, waterfalls, ponds and water gardens.

Great National Camera & Digital Imaging

West Palm Beach, FL – Webmaster / Graphics

  • Maintained and update their website.
  • Planned and help designed their photo uploading software.
  • Handled all graphic conversions to the right format for printing.
  • Print all canvas and water color prints, and any other custom prints.
  • Scan photos and negatives for regular and oversize prints
  • Touch up, clean up and prepare photos for printing.
  • Photo Restorations
  • Design Marketing materials. ( postcards, banners & posters)

X3D Technologies Inc

West Palm Beach, FL – Consultant (Graphics, Webmaster & Virtual Worlds Designer )

  • Designed the layout & look of the website. Using Photoshop & Image Ready
  • Designed custom graphics and textures. Using Photoshop.
  • Designed and built the new look for their current website
  • Maintained them monthly or weekly depending on the website’s information.
  • Update designs of past and current VRML projects.
  • Designed and built new VRML worlds on paper and final versions on 3D Studio Max 4.
  • Rendered new textures and update old textures for past, current & future VRML projects

Arrownet Inc

Indiantown, FL – Graphics, Webmaster & Tech Support

  • Designed the layout & look of the websites. Using Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady
  • Designed custom graphics and company mascots. Using Photoshop & Corel Draw.

IKON Document Services ( Formerly Known as NightRider )

West Palm Beach, FL – CSR, Document Specialist, Administration Assistant, Team Leader, Graphics Specialist

  • In charge of 3rd shift’s team of Document Specialists.
  • In chargeof starting the Graphics Department.
  • Produced all Graphics Layouts and Large Prints (from 18×24 to 48×96 and higher)



West Palm Beach, FL. – Certificates for Drawing, Internet and Graphics Software

  • Learned and Updated my knowledge of FrontPage, CorelDraw, Photoshop, PageMaker, QuarkXpress,
  • Microsoft? Office, Microsoft? FrontPage?. Microsoft’s? Win98 and WinNT 4.

Start Technical Institute

Philadelphia, PA. – Certification as a Computerized Medical Office Assistant

  • Certified on maintaining and running a computerized Medical Office.

University of the Arts

Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2D, Painting, Animation, Mythology & General Studies.


Read, Write and Speak both English and Spanish.


  • Served in the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ( 2007 – 2011 )
  • Currently, I am the webmaster for the North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
  • Updating and maintain all office equipment. (PC, Laptop, Printer, scanner and digital camera)
  • Updating invoices, proposals and estimates from paper to computer files/forms.
  • Assist Admin. In creating & printing invoices. Close all invoices at end of each month.
  • Everyday office duties including; answering phone, setting up appointments for sales staff. Assisting payroll or any other department.
  • Tech support for current customers with question how to use our services.
  • Handle customer services regarding all and any custom prints or setup accounts for them to upload their images directly into the server.
  • Purchasing of all materials needed for a Digital Dept. to function.
  • Shift Leader and Customer Sales Representative
  • Pick Up and Delivery of highly confidential files.
  • “Reproduction” of documents. “Quality Check” produced documents.
  • I’ve been in charge of 3rd shift’s team of Document Specialists.
  • In charged of starting the Graphics Department ( @ IKON Document Services, FL ).
  • Helped build a client & vendor base for the graphics department (IKON ,West Palm Beach store)
  • In charge of purchasing all graphic Software needed for running an oversize printing dept.
  • Produce all ready to print Graphics Layouts and Large Prints (from 18×24 to 48×96 and higher)
  • Ordering all parts and materials needed for maintaining a graphics department in running efficiently.